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Shopycash is India’s best Cashback / Reward and Coupons eCommence Website in India. The site offers you active Best Deals, Discounts, Coupons and Cashback Offers on your online Shopping.

ShopyCash have the vision to provide easiest way to get savings for shoppers. Its offer you 100% Instant Cashback working Deals from the 500+ different online eCommerce stores like Flipkart.com, Amazon.in, Bata, Paytm etc. ShopyCash giving you highest commission rates and fastest paying Payment services compare to other platform.

Our team also provides you genuine and amazing deals from the various source time to time.


Shopycash provides a wide array of online resources, primarily in shopping services but also in communication forums, and search functionality. The Services provided by ShopyCash is subjected to changes in the Terms and Conditions which may be updated by from time to time. We suggest you to keep up with any changes that we may introduce in the future. The user must be at least 18 years of age to leverage the services offered by us.

Certain sections may contain terms and conditions different than listed here. Such terms are supplementary to the fundamental Terms and Conditions as listed here. By utilizing the services provided on such sections of the website, you automatically agree to be bound by those additional terms and conditions. In case of a conflict, this acceptance of those additional terms and conditions will govern the use of those specific services listed on the page.


Currently, ShopyCash.com currently pays 11% bonus of your referral  and 2% for second and third tier of referral. Referrals bonuses are subjected to change, if required. Referrals can be obtained on the following basis:

- Unique referrals are only eligible for cashbacks

- Cashbacks can only be obtained after successful purchases only 

Referrals on fraudulent accounts or in case of multiple accounts are not acceptable. 

ACCESS TO ShopyCash 

Access to ShopyCash through your computer/laptop/mobile devices have been provided to give you ready and convenient access to our services. Mode of communication for updates, notifications, etc. are strictly to keep you updated on the latest deals, discounts, and trends. The user is in no way authorized to copy or reproduce any of the material contained here. Breaking the code of conduct can lead to legal action.

Shopycash uses standard protocols for logins. Upon visiting the website, the user must enter the credentials (Login id and password.) To prevent misuse, we advise the users to log out after using it In event of any kind of misuse of personal information, ShopyCash is in no way to be blamed or accused. Shopycash cannot be deemed responsible or liable in any way for any dispute arising in this regard. The account’s usage is the User’s liability.


The user may experience difficulty accessing the website. This could result from high traffic, transmission problems as well as system capacity limitations can lead unanticipated slowdowns or outrages. Speed can depend on internet service provider. We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the website.

Additionally, the security of your bank credentials is your responsibility. The purchase of your order is solely governed by the terms and conditions of the merchant. Care and caution must be exercised before sharing any sensitive information on web domains.


User’s personal information including name, contact number, postal address and other confidential details may be needed at certain point of time. Protection of such information is subjected to our Privacy Policy.


The user would be responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password assigned at the time of registration. The activities undertaken on the user account are strictly the user’s responsibility.

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Though, we exercise utmost caution to ensure that the information present on the website is updated and accurate, we would not bear any liability for any errors and miscommunications for the same.


Our services are quoted by multiple brands, merchants and traders. ShopyCash does not directly control the sales of products/ services. Discounts, sales and coupons may only be applicable on mentioned brands or deals offering discounted prices.

However, the users are advised to exercise their own research. Price differences is subjected to change. ShopyCash must not be deemed liable in any manner for losses or liabilities. Payments and refund policies are subjected to the changes listed on the merchant website.


ShopyCash offers discount coupons on various brands. The coupons are redeemable at the time of making a purchase on multiple websites. Such brands/one-stop-shops are authorised Coupon Partners.


Breaching of the listed terms and the conditions would lead to legal action. We, at ShopyCash do not tolerate fraudulent or offensive behavior. Necessary action against the same will be taken.

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